The Atari AVG custom chip is a direct replacement of the original Atari AVG (P/N: 137179-001). It is a custom Gate Array/Address Controller no longer offered in its original DIP package. This replacement was thoroughly exercised using a custom developed test jig and script, the analysis was used to validate the replacement and assure 100% compatibility. Games Supported:

Black Widow
Major Havoc
Space Duel
Star Wars/ESB


To order, call: 1-800-514-9506

New Replacement

30 year old I.C.


Board installs in minutes, no modifications or special wiring is required.
Extensive testing on all hardware platforms.
Smallest replacement form factor package, slightly bigger than the original. Fits nicely in Star Wars and Major Havoc boards unlike the other larger AVGs made.
100% compatible with original 137179-001 custom chip.
Lowest integrated circuit count to help reduce MTBF.
Gold plated, round pins ensure maximum surface contact.
No risk of pins touching or hitting the test pins on the game board.
Flash ready for updates or new features.
5 volt level translation.
Made in the U.S.A.


There have been other replacements on the market using TTL on a rather large board and their main selling point was "ease of repair". In other words, they have a higher failure in time and lower MTBF than a few parts solution can provide.

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