Donkey Kong Remix Deranged Edition Multigame Kit.  This plug and play kit will allow you to play three varations of Donkey Kong:
  • Donkey Kong
  • Donkey Kong Remix
  • Donkey Kong Deranged Edition
  • Six new stages, three new bonus stages plus the original four stages
  • Many of the stages have several variations during the progression of the game
  • New and remixed gameplay mechanics including:
    • Ability to jump with Blue hammers
    • Falling girders on the new Rivets stages that can crush Firefoxes
    • Reversible elevators in the 3rd. Rivets stage
    • Spring mechanic to cycle barrels back to the top of the new "funnel" barrel stage
    • A new bouncier barrel type starts appearing on level four and beyond
    • A new kill screen that cranks things up for an exiting finish
    • Ability to earn additional Jumpmen every 150000, 250000 or 350000 points
    • Optional "Hard Mode" for an extra challenge
    • Adds option to save 0, 1 or 5 top scores in all Donkey Kong games
  • Optional free-play or coin op modes in all Donkey Kong games
  • Ability for each Donkey Kong game to have unique dip switch settings
  • Ability to select boot up game and switch between games without powering off
  • Uses your on-board game ROMs to play Donkey Kong
  • Compatible with both U.S. and Japanese Donkey Kong releases
  • Does not use modified DK ROMs to add high score save and free-play mode
  • Compatible with Donkey Kong II multigame kit Have both kits installed at the same time on your Donkey Kong board!
Plus these Deranged Edition features:
  • Internal difficulty goes beyond level five
  • Several new types of Wild Barrels
  • Up to eight fireballs/firefoxes at once at later levels
  • Fireballs, conveyors and elevators can reach faster speeds
  • Spawn rates and barrel release rates go beyond higher levels
  • New Kill Screen that goes all out to make an exiting finish
Be sure to read the Installation and Setup Instructions before ordering.
  • There is an incompatibility issue with the NEC D780C-1 Z80 CPU chip.  Please make sure you have a Sharp, Zilog or Mostek brand Z80 CPU chip.  We have replacement Z80 chips.
  • This kit will ONLY work on an original, fully working Donkey Kong board set.


To order, call: 1-800-514-9506

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