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Donkey Kong / Donkey Kong Junior    High Score Save Kit -- Plus Extras!

A simple to install high score save kit that permanently remembers the top 5 scores and initials for Donkey Kong or Donkey Kong Junior. Plus many extras features such as deluxe Freeplay, attract mode sound, powerup Selftest, and on-screen Settings.

Installs in minutes! No special wiring or soldering is typically required. Simply remove the Z80 chip from your DK/DKjr CPU board, insert this Z80 CPU chip into the daughter card (pictured right) and then plug the daughter card into the vacated Z80 socket on the CPU board. Thats it! Detailed installation instructions provided online here.

Note: Since releasing this product, I have found out that some 4-boardset style DK games unfortantely have the Z80 chip soldered to the CPU board. If you have a 4-boardset style DK game, please examine your boardset prior to ordering and read over in detail the install guide, as installation will not be as easy in this case.

High Score Save Kit

Pricing and Availability

Ready to install kits are available today for $45.


Kit installs in just minutes. No board modifications or special wiring is required. See detailed Installation Guide.
Top 5 high scores and initials are remembered permanently, long after the game has been powered off.
True "freeplay". No coins required. No need to open your coin door. Full (standard) attract mode while in freeplay mode. See screen shots.
Selectable attract mode sound.
Extensive powerup diagnostics automatically tests your board each time the game powers up. See bootup documentation.
On screen settings menu allows easy changing of game settings and erasing of high scores without having to crawl into your machine and remember complicated DIP switch settings. See settings description.


If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to email me