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MULTIPEDE - Centipede/Millipede Multigame Kit

"MULTIPEDE" is an easy to install kit that extends your atari Millipede boardset to play BOTH Centipede and Millipede on a single PCB set. Installs in just minutes.

Multipede Kit

No special wiring is required and no special switches are needed! Toggle between games by simply pressing both the player-1 and player-2 start buttons at the same time. Instantly the game will reset and switch to the other game.

Includes on-screen settings menu and saves all 8 high scores for both games.

To order call: 800-514-9506
This is must have for any Millipede owner!


Pricing and Availability

Kit comes packaged in an anti-static bag, covered with bubble wrap, and packaged in a cardboard box to insure safe delivery. Default shipping is via UPS (USA). International shipping is available.

Please read over the installation instructions BEFORE ordering.


Kit installs in minutes on your atari Millipede boardset. No soldering or special skills needed. Simply remove a few socketted chips, replace them with two new daughter cards provided in the kit, and it is ready to go!
Switch between games at any time by pressing and holding both the player-1 and player-2 start buttons at the same time. Game will instantly reset and switch to the other game.
Setup menu allows on-screen independent configuration of settings for both games including resetting of high score tables. No need to fiddle with DIP switches anymore.
All 8 High scores and initials are saved for both games!
Note: Original Centipede and Millipede games only saved the top 3 scores and initials.
Alternate character sets available for both games. Selectable using the setup menu.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why not Millipede on Centipede?
The biggest technical hurdle for making multipede work on a Centipede boardset, is in the video color circuit differences in both the number of colors and the ability to control colors on a per character basis.

Centipede has 16 different colors (really 14 as 2 are duplicated). Millipede has 256 different colors. Related to this is how each game maps its bits in the character set. Centipede uses 2 bits for Flip-X and Flip-Y, whereas Millipede uses these same 2 bits to encode extra color information into each character and Millipede takes advantage of dedicated hardware to deal with X and Y character rotations.

To work around these differences would require considerable hardware changes in the video section as well would require board modifications (possibly desoldering chips). For this reason, I have no plans on offering Multipede on Centipede hardware. Sorry.

Any differences between the original games?
The Centipede colors have slight shade differences than the original Centipede game. This is because Millipede hardware has 256 colors and Centipede has only 14 colors. The closest matched 14 colors were selected from the 256 available colors in the Millipede set for the Centipede game. So if you put two games side by side you might notice that a few of the color combinations are slightly different. Using MAME as a guide I have put together a web page that shows a side by side color comparision as emulated by MAME. It should be noted that even MAME's color emulation is not 100% exact, but the web page is still a useful as a guide of what to expect.

Multipede has a few features that are not available in the original games including a setup menu. Multipede also saves all 8 high scores and initials, versus the original games which only save the top 3.

Centipede test mode is not accessible. The Multipede test mode does not show the current DIP settings as these are now selected using the setup menu.

With the exception of above, all sounds, gameplay, etc.. are the same as the original games.

Do you offer adapters for Centipede or Jamma cabinets?
Yes! We offer Millipede PCB to Centipede cabinet adapters. We also offer a variety of Millipede and Centipede replacement parts.

Does my EAROM chip/circuit need to be functional?
No it does not. The Multipede kit contains is own high score save chip and does not make any use of the original EAROM chip on the millipede boardset. This means, for example, if you are using your millipede boardset in a cabinet that did not provide the higher voltages needed to drive the EAROM, you can still make use of the multipede kit and still have your high scores saved. It also means if your boardset was functional with the exception of the EAROM chip/circuit that you can still also make full use of the kit. It also means, if you want, you can remove the EAROM chip and use it on another Atari boardset or even sell it.