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Here is a step by step guide for restoring your Galaga control panel.

 The control panel we will be working with. Note: This control panel overlay shown is a Willis reproduction.

Kitty says, "This will never do!"

 Step 1: Remove the joystick and all buttons. (make note the way the joystick and player start buttons are installed)

 Step 2: You will need to remove the old overlay and adhesive. I recommend using paint thinner in addition to elbow grease. Note: You must remove ALL of the adhesive, i.e. it should not be feel sticky.

 Step 3: Now that all of the adhesive has been removed, the rusty spots will need to be sanded.

 Step 4: Wipe down the panel, and let it dry.

 Step 5: Place the panel on its side. Applying the overlay with the panel in this position, will only require you to move the overlay two directions. <- or ->

 Step 6: That was easy. Doesn't this new Galaga control panel overlay look awesome?

 Step 7: Make sure you fold the overlay on the back side.

 Step 8: Now we are ready to re-install the joystick and new buttons.

Tip: New carriage bolts for the control panel are available.

 Step 9: Done. Reinstall the control panel.

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